Essential lab safety rules

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There can be a great many dangers in a laboratory, from chemicals, gases, explosives and pathogens! They are the kind of environment where you don’t want to make mistakes. This is why all labs have strict safety protocols and here are some of the most important, designed to keep staff and the public safe:

  1. Follow the rules

The most important rule is to follow the rules! It is imperative that the procedures and instructions for working a lab are adhered to. This involves everything from where to access, how to use the equipment and what should be worn. Those who don’t follow strict rules could cause a risk to themselves and others. This is especially true during a lab move. For information on Laboratory Relocation, contact aport global.

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  1. Know where safety equipment is located

When an accident does occur, everyone in the lab should know where to find safety apparatus and how to apply it. Before beginning work on any experiment, it is wise to check the condition of safety equipment, should it be required.

  1. Waste disposal

When working with hazardous materials, knowing how to dispose of them once the work is finished is also crucial. What can be flushed down drains and what can’t, for example. The same must be applied to needles, glass and biological samples as well.

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  1. Avoid temptation

Other important rules may sound funny but you’d be surprised at what some people have done in labs! Never experiment on yourself, don’t take samples home and resist the urge to play the mad scientist! It is when lab workers let their guards down that accidents can happen.

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