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Ten pin bowling is a popular sport, for family fun and for those who want to play more seriously in competitions. Most sports have been the subject of world records and bowling is no exception. Those skilled in the sport have set extreme challenges and succeeded in gaining a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Here are some of those impressive records:

Most Strikes in One Minute – Michael Hamilton from the United States owns the world record for this challenge. In Miami, on 25th January 2013, he achieved an incredible 11 ten pin strikes in just 60 seconds!

Most Held Bowling Balls – A member of the Crazy Pinz Bowling Team from Indiana managed to hold onto a whopping 9 bowling balls in May 2014. The record is still unchallenged, but we don’t advise you to try this at home.

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Most Pins Knocked Down Whilst Sword Swallowing – So, you’d never imagine putting these two activities together but that’s exactly what Franz Huber of Germany did in March 2014. Franz knocked down 14 pins while swallowing a sword!

Most Weddings in A Bowling Alley – The most weddings staged in a bowling alley in one day happened in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Valentine’s Day 2015. The Crazy Pinz Center hosted 10 weddings on just one day to celebrate the most romantic day of the year and set another world record.

Most Strikes in 30 Seconds – In Quebec, Canada on 19th May 2013, Frances Levine-Croteau achieved an impressive 8 strikes in 30 seconds, setting a new world record which has yet to be beaten. Think you could score more? Why not get practising with your very own ball from an Online Bowling Ball Shop like Petes Pro Shop

Youngest Person to Bowl Over 100 Points – Little Brawly Jacobs was just 5 years old when he scored over 100 points in a game. This incredible feat took place in March 2012 in Illinois, USA.

Highest Backwards Score – Andrew Cowen of the United States decided to switch things up a little and bowl backwards! In January 2014 in Illinois, he scored 280 points in one backwards bowling game which included 10 straight strikes! Maybe he plays even better the right way around!

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Highest Between-the-Legs Score – Colorado, United States was the location for this record attempt in August 2014. Mark Vetter scored a staggering 280 points in one game of bowling by letting go of the ball from between his legs!

Longest Chin Balance of Bowling Pins – Brian Pankey is quite a whizz with the pins. From Springfield, Illinois, he balanced two standard sized bowling pins on his chin for one minute and 48.10 seconds in May 2010.

Glass Bottle Bowling with a Lettuce – We’re not sure how this one even came about but as the record is held by a Brit, it deserves an honorary mention. On 28th January 2014 in Penryn, Samuel Ruddick achieved one of the greatest records of all time! He bowled over 11 empty glass bottles with a lettuce!

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