3 Reasons You Should Invest In Specialized Concealed Carry Clothing

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Choosing to carry a concealed weapon can be as easy as taking a class and getting your concealed weapon permit. You could certainly then carry your handgun in your purse or keep it in your waistband. However, there are good reasons to invest in specialized concealed carry clothing. Read on for the top three.

Ease of Access

The problem with keeping your handgun in your purse, or under a loose shirt that could potentially get wrapped around your hand, is the time it will take you to access your weapon when you really need it. Concealed carry already slows down draw time but with the proper womens gun apparel you can minimize that lag time.

Keep From Printing

Printing, when your firearm can be seen despite your efforts to conceal it, defeats the purpose of carrying concealed in the first place and can create legal issues. Especially in the summer when clothing may be snugger and there’s less of it, avoiding printing with your standard clothing can be difficult. By looking at specialized clothing your gun can be holstered in close-fitting shorts or tanks. You’ll know it’s secure and leaves barely a bump.

Protect Your Weapon

You’ve paid good money for your gun, so wearing it inside your waistband, against your sweaty skin doesn’t make sense. Sweat can actually cause corrosion.

Of course, a good concealed carry where you aren’t printing also protects your weapon from potential theft. An absolute worst-case scenario is that your gun is taken and used against you. The type of people who would do this practice it all the time, while you, it is hoped, have never had to experience it. Clothing that protects you from potential theft can save your life.

The small investment in specialized clothing can protect your investment in your firearm, make it more effective and keep it safer.

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