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How apologize

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A mistake, a wrong step, a mistake is an opportunity to learn to apologize and redeem so done or said. We tell you what you need to carry in your heart and mind to do so.

Tips for forgiveness

Knowing how to ask for forgiveness is almost as important as having the intention to do so. When we make a mistake, we say something wrong or unwittingly at all, hurt someone’s feelings, apologizing are not only what we are supposed to do, but a moral obligation we have toward others, and also to ourselves.

Family Life
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Learning to ask for forgiveness is another matter to which we must pay close attention. Not enough to just say the words, let alone if not truly feel. The first request is to want to do it from a pure feeling and not just because “is what we should do”. Then, we must recognize the best, and finally need to redeem that mistake, that evil deed, do well where we cause harm, knowingly or unwittingly.

How to ask for forgiveness from the heart

It is fundamental to apologize really, from our deepest feelings. Avoid using clichés and stilted as simply say “sorry” while doing something else. Look at that person in the eye, speaks with sincerity, and say you’re sorry and why it is you’re sorry. “I’m sorry I said that, I really do not feel well and just said that out of spite, the why and the how, not just loose and pre-defined words.

Look at the person in the eye by apologizing is important. Although you ashamed, though he mad at you, eye contact is speak honestly. Avoid acting from anger or from it: ask forgiveness from love, from friendship, from the heart.

Know when to apologize

You must recognize when to ask for forgiveness, that is, when that person receives our words. Avoid throwing them in the midst of the storm; it would be lost without any effect. If you made ​​a mistake and that person is angry with you, give him a while to assimilate, to breathe. You will lose pride and get a scolding or his words. When calm, and the storm has passed, there is when can apologize from the heart, so that the other person cannot hear your words and act from anger, it could worsen the problem.

Sometimes you need to step aside, let who offended in their emotional tension, give her privacy so you can get rid of the negative. Go buy something they need, go get the tools to redeem the error, let him take the necessary air. When you return, you will be much more receptive to listen, calmer, more willing to listen to your apology.

How apologize and redeem your mistake

Knowing how to ask forgiveness from the heart is also willing to repair, fix, fix and grow where did the bad, especially if it was unintentional. If you broke something of yours by mistake, you can replace it with a new one, if you say something bad without feeling indeed apologize and say two or three good things for every bad thing you’ve said. Redeem error is to find out how to create beauty where generate ugliness , say the positive which said the negative, is that other people appreciate and understand the damage they did to him, to take responsibility for one’s actions and seek ways to compensate, to return, to make him feel better.

Look for the opportunity, without straining the situation and talk to know how you need to redeem your error. So, at the right time, speaking from the heart, you’ll apologize and, in turn, lead to happiness in the same point where before there was discord.

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