What are WAV vehicles

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Wheelchair Accessible or WAV Vehicles, like the ones from https://clarkemobility.com/ are vehicles that have been adapted to give wheelchair users access that enable those in the wheelchair to travel safely in the car without the need for the individual to get in and out of the chair. This is incredibly useful for family members and carers that are supporting individuals to get out and about as well as for individuals who use a wheelchair to aid their mobility.

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A WAV vehicle can be used by both passengers and drivers who are in a wheelchair. It is possible for a vehicle to be adapted to allow a wheelchair user to still retain their independence when it comes to driving a vehicle. There are vehicles that will allow the user to remain in their chairs whilst driving and others that will require the need for them to transfer to a specialist seat. The option chosen will depend on the individual’s mobility needs as well as the vehicles that are available.

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In other cases the wheelchair user may only want to be a passenger in the vehicle and these can be found in both front and back set options. Again the option that is chosen will of course depend on the type of wheelchair that the individual uses as well as how often the individual goes out and about in the car.

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