The potentially fatal and extremely Hazardous occupation of Farming

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With Farm workers making up approximately 1.8% of the British workforce and 19% of them being fatally injured every year it’s no wonder many farm managers are turning to outside professional companies to deal with their Farm Health and Safety procedures, training and policies. Companies like who can fully implement any Health and Safety training procedures and make sure the individual farm is fully covered by a thorough Health and Safety Policy. There are four common types of injury that often happen on a busy working farm, 1) farm machinery and vehicles, 2) falling from heights, 3) lifting and handling hazardous substances, 4) Livestock.

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Careful attention to Health and Safety and a comprehensive policy in place alongside a list of procedures to implement should the worst happen and an accident occur, can all be implemented by the professional team you have brought in, saving you precious time in which to feed and care for all your animals. Not only does this save you time but a great deal of money, as you may have to pay out huge amounts of compensation should one of your farm workers get hurt in an accident that was not covered by a Health and Safety policy and procedures.

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Be Proactive not Reactive when it comes to the Health and Safety of your farm workers, provide them with comprehensive training and allow them to work in a safer healthier environment.

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