Did you know forklift trucks are used for these things?

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Forklift trucks are crucial pieces of equipment for many commercial businesses and industries and, of course, to drive a forklift truck training is required. But did you know that the forklift truck has a myriad of uses that you have probably never thought of?


Forklift trucks do not just move large items from one place to another – they can stack them (or remove them from a stack) too. The vertical lifting motion enables the truck to stack items on shelves or on the floor, even if it did not transport the item originally.


Forklift trucks come in handy for cleaning and sweeping both indoor and outdoor premises. Brush attachments for the front of the truck allow it to sweep floors and docks. Places that are hard to reach such as high windows or ceilings can be cleaned using a telehandler forklift truck with a platform. To use these specialised attachments safely, operators must have attended forklift truck training from an accredited training provider.


Every farmer needs a tractor, but a forklift truck comes in handy too. The wide variety of fork extenders and varying sizes of the trucks themselves make them a versatile piece of equipment around the farm, e.g. for moving hay bales.

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Lifting Drum Barrels

Special attachments can help a forklift truck lift and move drum barrels carefully and precisely, even enabling them to tilt the barrel or pour the contents.

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Moving People

Forklift trucks can move people as well as large items. Many warehouses have high shelving and storage, and a forklift truck with a platform can elevate workers to the required height. However, as it’s crucial to be fully aware of health and safety, forklift truck training given by a training provider that is accredited by an organisation such as the RTITB is essential to prevent accidents.

A forklift truck is a versatile piece of equipment and can do far more than move a large pallet from one location to another.

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