Are knitting machines worthwhile?

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In recent years, knitting machines have experienced a surge in popularity. One key factor driving the popularity increase is their accessibility. As technology has evolved, entry-level machines have become more affordable and user-friendly, allowing individuals to explore the craft without extensive training.

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What is a knitting machine?

A knitting machine is a mechanical or electronic device designed to automate the process of creating knitted fabrics. It consists of needles, a carriage or shuttle mechanism, and yarn-feeding systems. The primary purpose is to simplify the knitting process, offering a quicker alternative to traditional hand knitting.


Precision: Knitting machines provide a high level of precision and consistency in stitch formation, ensuring uniformity throughout the fabric or garment. This is particularly important for intricate patterns and detailed designs.

Speed: Knitting machines are a much faster way to produce fabrics and garments than hand knitting. This makes them highly efficient for both small-scale and industrial production.

Creativity: Many machines, especially computerised ones, allow for the creation of intricate and complex patterns. Users can experiment with different projects and techniques, like macrame. Start by creating a base fabric on the machine and then add details such as hand-knotted patterns onto the fabric, securing the knots tightly for durability. Beginners might want to start with a macrame kit like those from


Cost: High-quality knitting machines, especially computerised or industrial models, can be expensive. This initial investment may be a barrier for those on a tight budget.

Size: Some machines, particularly larger or industrial models, can be bulky and less portable. This limits the ability to take the machine on-the-go or work in small spaces.

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Limited Flexibility: Knitting machines can produce structured and repetitive patterns, but they may lack the flexibility to create freeform or unconventional designs that are achievable with hand knitting.

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