Getting out in Nature in the Winter

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With winter coming up it is tempting to snuggle up indoors. However, getting out and about will be beneficial to your health, both physically and mentally, even during the colder months. Spending time outside in nature is a way to mentally recharge, and something that is available to everyone.

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Of course with the weather getting colder, ensuring that you have the right things to keep you comfortable when you are spending time outdoors is essential – a pair of good quality walking boots which have a good grip to stop you from slipping if the ground is wet or icy, and if you have trouble with mobility, additional walking aids like this can help you get out and about confidently and safely.

During the autumn and winter months there are also many natural spectacles to look out for that you might be lucky enough to see if you are in the right place at the right time. The stag rut, a time when male stags compete for a mate is a truly amazing autumn spectacle, as is the salmon run. Head to a river after a period of high rainfall and you may be fortunate enough to catch the Atlantic salmon heading back to their place of birth in order to lay their own eggs.

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Birdlife is also still active at this time of year – take advantage of the darkness to see if you can see any owls, and listen out for their calls, and the bare trees mean that it is easier to spot forest dwelling birds, from woodpeckers to Goshawks.

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