Choosing your window dressings

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When choosing which window treatments are the right ones for your home, you’ll want to factor in things like how much light you want, what sort of fabric you prefer, ease of maintenance and cost. There are many varieties to choose that suit many different window types and here are just a few of the options:

ShuttersWhen controlling light is paramount, shutters are the perfect choice. They are versatile, easy to operate and low maintenance to keep clean. Shutters make a stylish option for the modern home. They are an investment that adds great value to a property. For a range of Shutters Cheltenham, visit Laskeys, a leading supplier of Shutters Cheltenham.

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Roman blinds – Another popular choice that features a single piece of either pleated or folded fabric. They provide shade and privacy in a sifter and attractive way and can add a burst of colour onto a neutral background. For ease of operation, roman blinds can come in motorised versions.

Curtains – The classic and timeless option for decorating your windows. Curtains offer a softer outline to a window and come in a wide variety of patterns, fabrics, lengths and thicknesses. They can also be combined with venetian or roller blinds for increased insulation and light control. Blackout curtains and blinds are also available for those who want to completely block out light in the morning or evening.

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Venetian blinds – These come in a wide range of materials and colours. Classic, natural wood blinds can even be painted to match your exact decor. If you don’t want a pull cord, motorised versions are also available and they offer great privacy on their own or paired with curtains, for example.

Roller blindsRoller blinds offer a smooth, sleek design of a single piece of fabric that wind back up into their own casing. They are available in a vast range of colours and patterns, as well as various thicknesses depending on how much light you want to block out. Waterproof roller blinds are a low maintenance and stylish option for kitchens and bathrooms. Very lightweight blinds are a great choice for homeowners who desire a lot of light and only temporary privacy.

Sliding panels – These panels slide horizontally rather than vertically and are a good option for large vertical windows, sliding doors or balcony doors, for example. They are designed to retract and are mostly found in neutral shades, manual or motorised.

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