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Which carpet option will you choose?

A nice soft carpet in your living room and bedrooms can really help to give your home a nice and cosy feel. When you start your search for that perfect carpet in the colour that you want you can be a little overwhelmed by the number of choices that are available to you. As there are so many different carpet materials available it is always best when looking to have your carpet cleaned that you employ the services of a Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company like as they will be aware of any special measures that need to be taken for certain carpet material types.

Here are some of the most popular option available to you:

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  • Nylon – these carpets are usually used in hallways and stairs as well as sometimes in living room areas as it is considered to be a material that is the hardest wearing for high traffic areas. However due to the fact that nylon is a man-made fibre it is prone to staining which is why many manufacturers will recommend and provide you with a stain resistant coating to be added to the carpet fibres. It is a soft material and it can be found in a variety of colours and patterns to suit your colour scheme and room requirements.
  • Wool – this is one of the most expensive options for a carpet material, due to its incredibly soft and naturally manufactured nature. It can also be found in a variety of colours although these will be much more limited than in other fabric choices.
  • Polyester – these carpets can be found in two types. Standard polyester and then solution dyed polyester. Polyester is a good alternative to nylon and is incredibly cost effective. Many of these types of carpet are created using recycled plastic bottles. This makes them great for high traffic areas or places were spillage and stains may occur as it is naturally stain-resistant. Solution dyed polyester is simply material that is made of the colour wanted rather than being originally created in white and then stained whatever colour is required. This means that the colours available can be limited but it is great in terms of cost and durability.

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There are a number of other options that are available to those people looking for a new carpet but the ones above are amongst the most popular. It is important that when you are looking to purchase a carpet you tell the company which room you are intending to use it in so that they can give you the best advice on the options available to you.

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