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What makes up the roof over your head

How often do you think about what makes up the roof that is over your head? Chances are probably not until you have to enlist the services of Hereford Roofers like the ones from to come in and repair any damages or leaks that may be occurring.

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Your roof is made up of a number of different elements and each one of them contributes to the overall structure that helps to keep your home warm and sheltered from the elements. Rainfall and snow are kept away from the interior of your home and we are kept nice and warm inside.

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The integrity of the structure is made up of the wooden beams that make up the shape and backbone of the roof. These underlay materials are fastened and the overall roof style is created. On top of the underlying structure, the shingles or tiles are attached. These are positioned in such a way to ensure that rainwater runs off the roof and is channelled down into the gutters that run along the edge of the roofing. The water is then directed into the downpipes and taken away from the property in the storm drains.

It is important that you have any roofing repairs or installations undertaken by a professional company like the one mentioned above to make sure that you have a sturdy and reliable roof for years to come.

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