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What is the Good Samaritan

Most people have heard of the parable of the Good Samaritan, but are you aware that there is an act named the same that helps in instances where people step in to help those who are injured?

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In most cases, in businesses, you will find that at least one person will have undertaken training from a First aid at work Cheltenham company such as Tidal Training Direct to ensure that they can help to keep their employees and visitors safe. There are occasions where a doctor or other trained individual may come across someone in public who has been injured and needs emergency help.

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There have been instances when even doctors have been scared to help due to the fear of being prosecuted later on. A good samaritan act is deemed as one where an individual is in immediate danger from an accident or illness and a healthcare professional may step in, in a personal rather than professional capacity.

It is important that if these emergencies arose that you assess whether you have the skills and knowledge to be able to help the individual. You need to ensure that you clearly declare if you are a medical professional and what your capacity is as well as clearly communicating to those around you what the issue is with the individual and what you are going to do to help.

In cases where an ambulance crew member or dispatcher is asking you to assist you would be supported by them to help the individual.

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