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What Happens When We Die?

Since the human race began, people have been asking the ultimate question – what happens when we die? Of course, this is something that nobody can actually answer, as we cannot question the dead.

As civilisation has marched on, people have devised many ways to avoid death and the ageing process, new innovative treatments such as Botox treatments Cheltenham company have now become commonplace, but although this can slow the appearance of the ageing process, nobody is immortal.

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In the Western world, we do seem to see death and what happens after as a taboo subject – not something that you would bring up at a dinner party certainly! But many cultures of the world do not see it in such a negative way as we do – and the mourning process and death itself is celebrated and surrounded in ritual and celebration.

Many people have had near death experiences, and many say they have seen a bright light, had conversations with loved ones who have already passed over or said they have had an out of body experience. But how real is this experience? Many doctors and scientists agree that these experiences that people describe, as real as they feel to them are actually the result of the dying brain firing neurons – something that we often see when someone is dreaming. Indeed, for all the people who describe these occurrences, there are people who say they saw or felt nothing at all.

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So although we cannot be clear on what exactly happens, it seems that at the moment of death we may well experience a brief (although, as with dreams it may not be brief to the person experiencing it) vivid dream like experience, then afterwards nothing at all – much like before we were born.

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