Tips for Keeping Your Central Heating on This Winter

We can never to too sure how cold it’s going to get over the winter months, but none of us want to get caught out by cold snap, so it’s vital your central heating is in working order during the winter. Your central heating system works hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature but won’t do this for long unless is it regularly maintained.

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1. Take Care Of Your Boiler’s Condensation Pipe

If your condensation pipe freezes, then you’ll have a big problem and have get help. A new boiler installation in Gloucester, for example, will require attention. This pipe works by condensing water vapour from the boiler’s exhaust gasses, so when the weather gets colder, it can freeze over. To combat this, you can temporarily lag it with old rags or towels, or buy foam pipe insulation.

2. Keep Boiler on Constant

When temperatures plummet, it will help your boiler if you switch it to constant as opposed to on a timer. Setting it to 15-16 degrees means that your home won’t fall below this temperature and your pipes are less likely to freeze up, according to Which? magazine. Although this isn’t a permanent fix, it will help during a cold snap.

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3. Power-Flush Your System

If you’ve had your heating system for a while, it could be clogged up with slime and dirt. This debris can leave cold areas in your radiators, rendering them inefficient for heating your home. Using a power flush circulates water and cleaning chemicals at high pressure through your central heating system, eliminating all slime and giving you a more efficient system.

4. Turn Up Your Boiler Thermostat

When the colder weather starts to creep in, it’s beneficial to turn up the thermostat on your boiler. If your boiler isn’t set high enough, you won’t be reaping the maximum effects of the central heating. If you’re in any doubts, seek help from professionals such as HPR Gloucester boiler installers.

5. Service Your Boiler

Getting a service before the cold weather really arrives is the very best way you can help to prevent a boiler breaking down. This is to ensure that any faults can be fixed and your boiler is in tip-top condition so that you can enjoy the warmth it brings to your home during the winter.

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