Three more easy decorating ideas for autumn

Autumn is one of the most inspiring seasons of the year when it comes to interior design. In addition to providing a rich array of colourful and textural ideas, the transformations carried out by Mother Nature can really make you want to ring the changes both inside your home and in your garden. If you are feeling motivated to add some seasonal style to your home, here are three more easy ideas for injecting some autumnal chic into your interiors and exteriors.

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Paint it red

Add some russet hues to your interiors, whether you choose to set to work with a paintbrush or simply create a seasonal display. Use woodland walks as an opportunity to gather autumn’s finest fruits and foliage to create displays, which should last well and look stunning. Think about setting up a small table for outdoor extravaganzas if you want your displays to really last, placing them next to your garden gate or by your front door.

If you want to give your garden even more of an autumnal makeover, think about making use of rustic baskets and metal garden furniture as a basis for your seasonal displays.

Go to ground

Think earthy and choose terracotta ceramics and hand-thrown pots with salt glaze to complement a selection of old and new wooden platters and bowls. These will also work extremely well with furniture such as Lloyd Loom dining chairs, creating a tactile environment to really celebrate the season. Try teaming your Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs with woven linen fabrics, complete with oversized leaf prints, to really reinforce the autumnal theme.

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Be inspired by nature

Whether you choose to read To Autumn by John Keats or simply look out of your window, you should never be short of inspiration from nature. Mix warm natural woods with soft yellow walls, finishing off with a woven rush mat for a textural feast that perfectly befits the season.

Finish off the look with pressed leaf collages and easy-to-make nature-inspired artwork, which will enable you to make changes without having to spend a fortune every time the seasons change. This will also enable you to perfectly tailor the pieces to suit your own tastes and environment. Few homeware decorations can provide as much pleasure as ones that you have made yourself.

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