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The exercise you can do whilst seated

Our lives seem to revolve more and more around sitting down. This could be sitting in the car travelling to work, sitting at our desks and working all day long, or sitting down of an evening to enjoy our favourite TV shows. All this sitting starts to have a negative impact on our backs. This is often due to poor posture, lack of movement throughout the day leading to stress and strain setting in and also lack of back strength.

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It can be difficult to find time in our busy lives to exercise, but there are a number of activities that you can do whilst sitting, that can help to strengthen you back muscles and that will help to prevent back strain from occurring throughout the day.

Yoga – there are a number of poses that can be undertaken whilst sitting in the Connubia Calligaris Chairs that you have at home. These are often strengthening poses that will also help to stretch out the muscles in your back. They can be completed quicklay and easily, so you cna integrate them into parts of your day.

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Stretching – although you might not initially think so, stretching is an important element of exercise and you cna stretch any muscle in your body, whilst sitting in a cahir. Simply taking your arms and raising them above your head will help to stretch out your shoulders and back. This simple action can help to alleviate any tension that is beginning to build up in these areas throughout the day.

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