The best types of flooring for your commercial kitchen

When kitting out a new commercial kitchen, it makes sense to consider flooring options alongside your other equipment choices. The right flooring will be hard-wearing, safe, resilient and attractive, providing a hygienic surface that is easy to clean and allows you to operate to the highest health and safety standards.

The best types of flooring for your commercial kitchen

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Resilience is absolutely vital because of the heavy traffic that will be coming and going across the surface, and it needs to be non-slip and able to withstand high temperatures.

Vinyl commercial

This is one of the most popular types of safety flooring in commercial kitchens. It is low-maintenance, hard-wearing and very strong, and it also provides a cost-effective solution. This flooring choice is also gentle on the feet of those working on it because it is pliable and soft, and it does take on the properties of the floor underneath over time. You can add underlay to provide even greater comfort for chefs and serving staff.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles have great resistance to water, heat and stains, but they are typically more expensive. They are also lovely to look at and very solid. A glaze finish is popular, and these are often chosen where the public is likely to look into the kitchen.

Stone tiles

Natural stone is very expensive, and it can also crack if heavy machinery is dropped on it. This is worth considering if you have big commercial warewashers like those from and want a quieter surface. They provide a beautiful aesthetic, and the stones are naturally abrasive, which can provide a non-slip surface. Granite and slate are popular choices that are very resistant to water and staining whilst being very simple to keep clean.

Brick pavers

Ideal for creating rich textures and colours in a space that the public will see, this type of flooring is often found in delis and cafes. The pavers can go across the entire establishment and can also be fitted to walls for a very cosy and homely look. They are heat-resistant and very stain-resistant. However, they must be sealed to keep out moisture, so a wax coating will often be added.

If you are on a tight budget, vinyl might be your preferred choice. For bigger budgets and aesthetics, tiles or pavers are great options.

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