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The Best Lenses for Wedding Photography and Why

With a huge range of lenses to choose from, photographers have their work cut out to choose which ones to invest in. Lens companies are continuously bringing out new products, many of which are very attractive. However, for wedding photographers looking to pack only the bare essentials, the five lenses below should see them equipped for any eventuality.

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70-200mm f/2.8

Although heavy and somewhat unwieldy, this is definitely not one to leave at home. The versatility of this lens makes it indispensable, providing a fantastic level of sharpness no matter what the focal length.

With this lens it is possible to capture some amazing moments without having to get too close to people‚Äôs faces. It’s perfect for the ceremony itself, where being further away and discreetly out of sight is nearly always preferable.

24-70mm f/2.8

This lens offers versatility in terms of focal length when on the move. Use it when guests are first arriving, when milling around chatting before or after the ceremony, for those slightly wider location scenes and for the first dance. It is perfect for behind the scenes too.

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Although this lens will not be suitable for those who need to capture extra-wide shots, there is always the option to take a number of images and then edit them into a panorama shot using Photoshop.

105mm (100mm) or 60mm Macro-Lens

In order to capture close images, such as detail on the cake, dress or the rings, you will need a reliable macro-lens. This one is great in bright sunlight and nicely sized to carry around.

85mm Prime

This lens is absolutely great for portraits. Any wedding photographer, such as Nick Rutter, Hampshire wedding photographer (, will have a long list of individual shots to capture, including the groom, the bride, groomsmen, bridesmaids and a range of small group photos. Although you will have to manually zoom in and out (with your feet!), the additional effort is well worth it as the results are far cleaner portraits with creamier backgrounds. This is also a super lens for those low-light situations.


This is an incredibly versatile and reliable lens – fast, very sharp and great in low light. You can afford to get very close to subjects, which is particularly useful when space is limited.

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