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The benefits of Turmeric

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Turmeric or Indian saffron is a condiment from east used over 4000 years for multiple purposes, including doctors. It serves to alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, prevent cancer and as a natural antidepressant. The same doctors have recognized that it is one of the healthiest spices.

Another name by which he is known is Turmeric and extracted from a root called Curcuma Longa, a plant of the ginger family.


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It can be eaten as a topping, in smoothies, salads, tablets and apply directly to the body depending on which of their propounds want to use better. It has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and antioxidant properties. That is why it is within the ingredients of beauty products and vitamins. It is commonly sold in powder and you can find in the hall condiments supermarkets. Turmeric is also known for its cosmetic benefits that help us naturally to look more beautiful and improve our health:

1) It is a natural anti – inflammatory: Oone of its qualities is recognized that this spice. Reduces swelling and pain, can be applied directly to wounds or pimples to lower a little inflammation, relieves and cleanses the skin of dead cells. If you like sport you may also help keep your joints in perfect condition after a long training session.

2) Provides shine and elasticity to the skin: Turmeric is widely used in India and is a popular practice among Bollywood actresses who consume it and put it on your skin with impressive results. This is because the seasoning also acts as a disinfectant, giving more shine and elasticity to the skin, cleansing it of impurities that we are exposed daily. It can be applied as a mask for attaining this result.

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3) It is a powerful antioxidant: With its properties achieved protect the skin from free radicals and stops its action in the body. These are the main causes of premature skin aging. It also helps the elimination of carcinogenic substances found in our body, so it is considered a great help for cancer treatments.

4) Help to lose weight: Hindu saffron contains curcumin – a natural-dye manages to reduce low -density lipoprotein or so – called bad cholesterol. It also helps keep your digestive system healthy and improves metabolism. It is believed that it can help break down fat because they contain polyphenols, avoiding weight gain.

Turmeric brings multiple health benefits for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial property what do you expect to incorporate this spice to your diet and your beauty routine?

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