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Splashing out on a statement bathroom

Bathrooms are often not the first room you renovate; however, you can add a lot to the space with a little creative thinking. Rather than going for a minimalist look, statement bathrooms are the latest trend and can give you a unique finish.

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Why choose a statement bathroom?

Statement bathrooms create individuality in your home rather than following the same style as everyone else. A bland space is not somewhere you want to spend time and relax, whereas a more luxurious setting gives you a place you can enjoy and where you do not feel that you have to rush.

How to design your bathroom

The cost of redesigning your bathroom can vary, but on average expect to spend around £4,900 if you are completely refitting it. The final budget will obviously depend on the style of fixtures you choose, but a statement bathroom does not have to mean expensive. You can achieve the desired look at a cost that works for you.

The finish you opt for can add a lot to your bathroom. Current trends are for brass, matt black and rose gold accessories, as opposed to chrome. Gold shades help to warm up the space and modern styles have a much more contemporary feel than traditional designs.

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Create a homely feel

Bathrooms need to have a practical element, but it is also important to give them a homely style. This can be seen in the type of furniture that is now coming into the bathroom, with stylish vanity units that would not look out of place in other parts of the home. Stunning cast iron baths, such as those available from, are perfect for relaxing in.

Statement pieces

If you want to create a real edge to your bathroom, it is a good idea to invest in one statement piece, such as one of the many contemporary cast iron baths available. Design the rest of the bathroom around the statement piece to give the space a decorative focal point without being too over the top.

Add textures

Adding a range of textures and materials to your bathroom will make it more interesting; for example, incorporate bold patterned tiles to stand out against a white suite or large marble slabs on the floor to give a high-quality finish.

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