Seniors and physical activity, it takes little to feel good

physical activity
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From an American study the judgment: the important thing is to keep moving and avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Regular physical activity helps you stay in shape and especially in health; everyone is aware of. But what few people know is what time is actually devoted to the sport to be sure of obtaining health benefits: in short, there is a “minimum threshold” that ensures that we can be comfortable? The answer is not obvious, because it largely depends on several factors and interchangeable, such as age, general health status and the goal that arises (lose weight, boost muscle mass, protect bones, strengthen the cardiovascular system, etc.).

physical activity

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Take for example one of the most common beliefs, according to which half an hour of physical activity five days a week would be the “ideal dose” for our welfare; it really is that all? People more advanced in years should stick to this roadmap? Legitimate question, because it is not at all certain that they succeed, the more often that after a certain age supervening mobility problems of various kinds; so the elderly should be burdened 30-minute race day at their own risk, or let it go?

New research in the US: The physical activity is good for the elderly

None of this: a group of researchers at the University of Florida has recently released the results of a study conducted on over 1,000 individuals aged between 74 and 84 years (the work was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association), according to which the duration of physical activity in the elderly is not as important as it is instead the fact of moving itself, avoid staying too much time sitting. Sedentary life, in short, should be avoided because it is a major cause of health problems (stroke and heart attack on all), but then just very little to lower the risk considerably.

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What states, in short, the Californian study? That individuals more sedentary had higher health risks while those who held an activity of any movement, however limited and undemanding (also simply walk during the housework), had risk values already much lower. The key to everything, in short, is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and do not think that half an hour (or more) of the daily sports can “fix” to the fact that in the rest of the day no one moves. Sit so long without doing anything is a dangerous habit to health, then no matter how you engage during the session of jogging or gym …

Obviously, the primary purpose of this study on physical activity in the elderly is not about shrinking the ‘importance of regular physical activity at all ages, indeed: will move us to move, but wisely and according to their ability, with the knowledge that the exaggeration is not good in any way. In addition this research, saying that it takes little to stay in shape, it takes away – so to speak – every excuse: no one can say they have no time and strength sufficient will to do sports, because now it is only not lounging hypocritically on the couch (and this applies to all ages)!

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