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Recover after Christmas festivities without going to detox diets

At this time of year, having spent a lot of parties and events proper to Christmas and the end of the year, we usually feel more heavy, swollen and desiring to do something that helps us to be and look better. Since the detox or cleansing diets are not a good option, today left some keys to recover after the Christmas binge eating without resorting to these resources.

Hydrate with water

Ingesting an appropriate amount of liquid, especially water, without any calories or nutrient is helpful if we want to stimulate blood circulation and promote elimination of toxins.

Drinking water compensate the large amount of sodium and sugar that we usually eat in the Christmas binges and thus revert fluid retention that makes us feel heavy and swollen.

On the other hand, it will help us regain vitality, eliminate any tiredness or fatigue that we usually experience and also promote good control of meals from now on.

Add fiber to your diet

To promote intestinal transit and give an incentive to your metabolism in order to reverse the bloating and also, retention of fluid, it is important to add fiber to your diet.

Include legumes, nuts and seeds, whole grain and other cereals, can not only give a boost to our digestive system and caloric expenditure but also help us to better control what we eat, because fiber promotes satiety in the body.

Then, to recover from binging you’ve had, consume more fiber at this time can be a great resource.

An extra of fresh fruits and vegetables

To incorporate water and fiber to the diet and also consume variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can strengthen our defenses and help us feel better in our diet should be an extra fresh fruits and vegetables.

With its consumption, we not only nourish ourselves better but also, we will eliminate the fatigue and the heaviness that can produce the great foods of poor nutritional quality.

For better results, it is advisable to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, with skin and variety of colors to ensure a variety of nutrients in the table.

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Move daily

It is not necessary to train an hour a day or practice session Crossfit daily, but just walking 30 minutes will achieve real results.

Minimal movement a day will stimulate blood circulation and metabolic rate and help us reverse fluid retention, heaviness and fatigue.

In addition, regular exercise even low intensity, it will give a boost to our mood, helping us to fill us with energy and vitality in the January.

Sleep well every night

After several days holidays or events that were not allowed to sleep an adequate number of hours, our body can feel the fatigue and other symptoms of stress hormones that rise in these circumstances.

Therefore, to recover at this time is necessary to sleep well every night, if possible, an average of 8 hours a day to help us better control what we eat, recover defenses and feel with more energy and vitality.

In addition, we will feel better and luciremos equally if we compensate hours of sleep these days.

With these key resources, we can bounce back after the Christmas binge eating without going to the detox diets and grabbing off swelling, heaviness, fatigue and fluid retention.

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