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Netflix insists opportunity is still ‘gigantic’ despite slower-than-expected growth

Netflix is a streaming service with content, including original programming, and it has proven to be extremely popular since its founding in 1997. However, its growth over the first three months of 2017 has been slower than expected.

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Initial forecasts predicted that the service would garner an extra 5.2 million users, but the actual number was closer to 4.95 million. Despite this shortfall, Netflix has insisted its opportunity for growth is still “gigantic”.

Overseas membership in the service has still dropped by 22 per cent, a statistic that Netflix blames on the rescheduling of some of its most popular content. Pushing some of these highly-watched shows to the second quarter of the year has impacted viewing figures for the first three months of 2017.

Brighter future?

Part of the appeal of services such as Netflix is the ability to watch what you want any time, which is something regular television doesn’t always deliver. Although it’s available to use on a television, the service can also be accessed by computer and tablets. This flexibility of access means that wherever you live, whether it’s Manchester or Malvern TV aerial installation isn’t something you need to think about before enjoying your favourite shows, despite the number of companies offering such services like

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Despite Netflix’s disappointing start to the year, the firm still expects to add 8.15 million new subscribers to its books over the first six months of this year, which is only slightly fewer than the 8.2 million of the same time period in 2016. The service was hopeful it would hit 100 million users globally by April 2017.

Focus on original content

The ever-growing popularity of internet entertainment streaming is likely to mean that the growth prospects of Netflix are still impressive, with the company remaining confident it can continue to expand. A report from the service confirmed its intention to continue investing in creating exciting original, exclusive content for its subscribers to enjoy and to help encourage new members to sign up.

Concentrating on fresh content rather than older films and programmes could be a risky strategy, but their original shows and films have been well-received by viewers and have led to new subscribers who are curious about what they are missing, opening the door to the renewed growth Netflix is so keen to encourage.

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