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Lighting inspiration from luxury hotels

Lighting makes such a difference to your home and looking to hotels for inspiration can work well when you are revamping the lighting in your home. Hotels can be glamorous in their lighting solutions but many hotel designs can be altered to fit even the most modest home. Read on for some inspiration from current luxury hotels.

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Bold bedroom lighting

Bedrooms can have many different lighting styles. In hotels right now fresh and exciting lighting solutions include lighting recessed into the walls to emphasise interior design elements. Consider looking at modern effects in the bedroom if you have a contemporary design and make use of modern technology, just like the funky Doghouse Hotel in Aberdeenshire.

Another way to bring the luxury hotel vibe into your bedroom lighting is to look at retro features. If you have a traditional home this works well, so consider brass lamps and fabric shades to add splashes of light around the bedside, as revealed by Vaughan Designs at London Design Week. This event also featured many other exciting designers to watch.

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Luxurious lobby lighting

Some designs never go out of style and the glamorous lobby is always a main feature of luxury hotels. The lobby is one of the first places people see so the lighting here must be attractive and give a great first impression. Kempinski Hotel Bahia uses statement lighting in its lobby to great effect.

A bold chandelier works well in a hotel lobby and equally well in an entrance way into a home. In the hall, there is often a high ceiling and this can be the perfect place to put a chandelier. Luxury chandeliers from experts such as can bring that sophisticated hotel look to your entrance hall.

Warm living room lighting

Although bright technicolour and monochrome are both hot right now in the hotel design world, one type of lighting that would work better in the home is warm lighting solutions. This is visible right now at the T Walletje business complex in Belgium.

This hotel and business complex uses soft amber LED lights and bronze panels to create a warm dynamic and to bring the building materials to life. The hotel features individual controlled panels for great effect but in your home, you could take inspiration from the softness of the amber colours to create a relaxing space.

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