Why do we love a period drama?

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There is an old saying, “the past is a foreign country; they do things differently there”. Therefore when we are presented with views of the past, we do like them to be based on a lot of clean upper-class people enjoying themselves at a party in a stately home!. The period drama is a chance for us to see what life might have been like for people living at a particular time in history. For the most part, the period drama seems to be set in the Nineteenth century or the Eighteen hundreds. This was a time when Britain was in its heyday. The trials and tribulations of the Seventeenth century had drawn to a close with the end of the Jacobean wars. The country was entering into a period of stability under a solid protestant monarchy. The threat of France was withdrawn with Victories at Trafalgar and Waterloo. The British Empire was just around the corner, and one of its greatest Monarch’s, Victoria, was soon to ascend to the throne.

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It’s a ripe time for drama as well. We also have a considerable amount of written material from the time. The country was becoming more and more sophisticated and literate, so the words of George Elliot, Charles Dickens, Shelly, Byron, Blake, the Bronte Sisters and Jane Austen were being published and also being read by the masses. Since the start of TV programmes, there have been period dramas and book adaptations. You’ll need to have a decent reception whenever you choose to watch, and TV aerial installation Gloucester way is covered by the team at http://steveunettaerials. You’ll soon be able to see Pride and Prejudice or Wuthering Heights in pristine condition, just like the author intended.

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We enjoy period dramas because they are an escape from our own lives. The times seem to be simpler and even more carefree. This is probably wrong and is closer to nostalgia than to reality. However, the full and rich dialogue is excellent here, and the clothes are marvellously intelligent and stylish. The modern adaptations, such as the Netflix series Bridgerton show that the period drama is still a popular choice for viewing. It even cleverly blends modern themes into itself; for example, you’ll hear the Vitamin String Quartet’s classical music outfit playing Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande tracks as if they had been written with the Victorian drawing room in mind.

They also show the strength and depth of the original source material that was written so long ago. The stories and the characters are so well constructed and drawn that it’s a simple step from the written word to the big or small screen. They have also inspired many modern writers who have looked to emulate the work of these old classics.

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