Tips for Safe Driving with a Trailer

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Whether you’ve never driven with a trailer before or just want to refamiliarise yourself with the safest ways to tow a trailer, here are some handy tips for trouble-free towing trips:

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  • Never tie anything to the top or sides of your trailer or hang anything over the tailgate.
  • Remove any flammable items such as petrol cans before loading the trailer.
  • Items that are not tied down properly could impact the balance of the vehicle so always ensure that loads are properly tied down as low as possible using tie-downs and ropes.
  • You will need to adjust to driving with a loaded trailer. It is not the same vehicle now and will feel different. Keep your speed reduced, check that the trailer tyres are properly inflated and remember to allow for extra turning space. For help with Trailer Parts, go to Auto and Trailer, suppliers of Trailer Parts.

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  • Leave additional space between you and other vehicles when coming to a stop and plan your route before setting off to avoid any potential hazards or obstacles on your way.
  • Be aware that the length and weight of your vehicle with trailer attached will mean it takes longer to speed up. Keep this in mind when attempting to change lanes or overtake.
  • Try to avoid potholes or other road damage that could cause damage to your vehicle and trailer.
  • If your trailer begins to sway, reduce your speed gently and hold the steering wheel steady. Never brake suddenly or you run the risk of jack-knifing.

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