Interesting facts from the world of salsa dancing

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Salsa is an incredibly popular form of dancing. Not only does it help keep you fit but it is great fun. If you are interested in learning this style of dancing you can find Salsa Classes London way from companies like rv dance. Here are some interesting facts about the dance form.

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Salsa dancing came out of Eastern Cuba in the 1920s after the popularity of the new music genre in the 1910s. Over fifty years the dance form was confined to the local regions of Cuba and very much became a dance of the culture and heritage of the country. In the 1970s it exploded in popularity and started to spread throughout America and then onto Europe and the rest of the world.

Although the starting point of salsa is well-documented, the origin of the name is less well known. It may be linked to the food salsa that combines a number of different ingredients, as the dance combines a number of different steps.

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Most of the movements in salsa dancing occur in the lower body and in particular in the hips. The upper body tends to be much more static. This is one of the things that gives the dance its distinctive look. It is also one of the reasons that it is a great option for people looking to give their legs, hips and glutes a good workout.

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