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How To Get Perfect Hair While You Sleep

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Do not you have time to lose? If you spend the mornings on the beach, afternoons in the pool and nights enjoying the summer parties, these tricks are for you. And if you work and get up early every morning as well. Because taking advantage of the hours of sleep to give your hair a boost is a genius, whatever your summer. When you get up you will not even have to brush it, we promise!

1. Sprinkle with oil

Moroccan Oil is one of the best signatures on hair. No matter if you have straight hair, curly, fine or wavy, this oil is for you. It serves absolutely for all hair problems from dryness to dullness and frizz. Its base of argan oil will arrange to pamper your hair while you sleep, making it easier detangling and waking up with a bright and hydrated hair.

2. Prevent hair loss

During the summer, the hair falls much more than at any time of the year. But that does not mean that you cannot reverse the process with a push. This biphasic serum of nocturnal use of Apivita will take care of it. Its ingredients are natural and will bring greater density, strength and hydration to your mane. Also, try and avoid the open ends. You will get up with full hair even if you have slept 12 hours.

3. Elevate the category of your pillow

So important is the product that you use in the hair as the place where you support it for it to take effect. The first thing you should do to get the most out of your evening products is to get you a pillowcase to help. Slip is pretty, feminine, soft and comfortable. But in addition, it is made of silk that reduces the friction of the hair and prevents wrinkles while you sleep.

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4. Heavier hair on waking

If you have fine hair and would like to get more volume and density, Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight is a very good option. This is a non-rinse treatment that takes advantage of the night regeneration process to take effect. It can be used on any type of hair without fear, as it leaves no stains or residue on the sheets. In addition, its relaxing aroma will help you sleep better (and regenerate better).

5. Super moisturized mane first thing in the morning

The nocturnal treatment of René Furterer is one of the most effective in combating dry hair. Apply before bedtime from means to tips and let it act all night. During these hours, nourish dry hair, waking you up with the softest and most shiny mane. This is because it is made with Karite, which moisturizes in depth.

6. Do not break during the night

The L’Oréal anti-break night serum is very simple to use: just a couple of hazelnuts before going to bed in wet or dry hair and voilà! The next day it will brush easily without knots, tangles or pulls that break the hair.

7. Protection against everything, for quiet sleep

Why focus on a hair problem when we can prevent and fight all at once? If your hair war is open on different fronts, Shiseido’s Intensive Treatment Hair Mask will be the answer to all your prayers. It balances the fat, strengthens, revitalizes and repairs the hair. Everything at once. While you dream about beautiful things. How not to worship night treatments?

8. Change your towel

It seems silly, but it is a very simple gesture that will do wonders with your hair. Aquis towels are special for the hair, they reduce the drying time in half because they are more absorbent. So when you remove the towel and you are ready to apply night products and lie down without excess moisture or knots.

9. Finally … perfume it

We have dried, brushed, hydrated and densified. What about the aroma? Its smell is as important as its appearance. That’s why many companies like Dior have launched night capillary fragrances, with which the hair absorbs the smell at night so that the next day is perceived subtly and feminine.

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