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How safe is the water of the swimming pools?

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A study published in the Journal Environmental Science and Technology detects the link between the disinfectants used to clean the water pools and whirlpools and the appearance of dermatological disorders.

Disinfectants for the pool are safe? The water whirlpools and pools public and private is cleaned regularly with disinfectants that if on one hand the free from harmful micro-organisms to humans, the other can cause some skin disorders and respiratory tract.

swimming pools
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The study authors focus attention on the chemical reaction between disinfectants and organic substances invisible to the naked eye but present in the water of the pools and hot tubs: sweat, body creams, traces of urine and fecal microorganisms. The meeting between these substances may give rise to certain derivatives of toxic disinfectants to humans. Not surprisingly, the personnel pool cleaning often suffers from asthma, lung disorders or recurrent colds because they inhale the derivatives products that spread in the air in a gaseous state.

Certain experiments conducted in the laboratory show that the data derived substances and organic compounds from microorganisms can also determine a mutation of the DNA. It is, as said, of trials not tested on humans, and for this not the subject of alarmism and further verification.

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How to recognize a clean and safe swimming pool? The water color says a lot about his health. If the pool or the hot tub have the surface covered by an opaque coating, it is evident the lack of attention to cleanliness and a missed parts of water. Another alert comes from the smell if you feel a smell so intense as to having to cough or make your eyes water, it means that the environment has been disinfected but not for this one was clean indeed, excessive use of cleaning products It may have generated hazardous chemical derivative compounds to human health.

It may help to clean the pool and whirlpool? All we can act in such a way to keep clean and safe water in the pool and hot tubs, the few rules are: to always shower before entering the water; teach children to Urinate or defecate in the bathroom and never in the water; avoid using swimming pools and whirlpool in the presence of small local bleeding and infectious skin disorders.

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