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Key Areas to Outsource When Launching a Start-up on a Budget

Running a start-up often means working within a limited budget. Outsourcing can help in these situations by offering access to first-class talent whilst also saving time and money.

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Some areas which can be outsourced include a business compliance service, outsourced accounting service and recruitment.

Business Compliance Service

Outsourcing this will ensure that there are skilled personnel available to handle the paperwork effectively and to make sure that all the legal formalities are completed properly and that the correct decisions are made for the business.

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Finance and Accounting

Outsourced accounting services using the likes of can be a good idea thanks to the ease of automation and the availability of outsourcing resources.

In many start-ups, accounting only requires a part-time effort, meaning that outsourcing can offer a standardised service that is inexpensive and yet professional. These are the reasons why outsourcing is so popular in the case of call-centre functions, where low-value repetitive tasks can be handled efficiently and cheaply.

It can be more difficult to outsource functions like human resources, including such tasks as performance appraisals and recruitment, although that is not to say that this is not happening as well.

The Recruitment Process

Whilst some recruitment areas can be difficult to outsource, start-ups can often benefit from outsourcing the initial stages of the process. This means allowing external help to source candidates whilst still retaining control of the final recruitment decisions. Top tips on how best to outsource and grow businesses can be found on the FSB website at

HR and Admin

Human resources isn’t always the easiest function to outsource, but there are tasks that can be performed affordably and efficiently. Again, this can include sourcing candidates for positions and weeding out tasks that do not need to clog up managers’ in-trays.


IT is a major area for outsourcing, both amongst start-ups and larger well-established firms. This is often because the field changes so rapidly that it can be virtually impossible for companies to keep up with their in-house offering.

It is also normally much cheaper to outsource this area and benefit from the most up-to-date technology and techniques without having to invest in new ‘kit’ every time that a new breakthrough is made – something which seemingly happens every millisecond in this age of technological advancement.

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