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How to reduce the risk of catching an STI

While many diseases and conditions cannot be prevented, there are steps that can be taken by anyone having sex to reduce the likelihood of passing or contracting an STI (sexually transmitted infection). Being vigilant, especially with new partners, will always help in protecting yourself against STIs.

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Physical barriers

If used correctly whenever you have sex, condoms are a highly effective way of preventing STIs. As an added bonus, they can also prevent pregnancy for heterosexual couples. Once a relationship has been established, both partners can be tested to ensure they are free of disease and then condom use can be eliminated, if appropriate. Heterosexual couples may need to investigate other sources of contraception.

Lubricants may be necessary when using condoms, but only use the water based variety, as petroleum jelly and other lubricants made from oil derivatives can damage or weaken condoms. A new type of condom may contain its own lubrication. To learn more, see this report from The Guardian.

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Things to remember

Apart from abstinence, no method is 100 per cent effective in preventing STIs. However, the condom is one of the best ways. They need to be put on before any kind of penetrative sex, whether vaginal or anal. STIs can also be transmitted during oral sex, so be careful if you have any cuts or sores in your mouth. A condom can also be used during oral sex, and a dental dam for women. If you have cuts on your fingers or body, cover these before sex, and make sure any sex toys are properly cleaned after use.

If it’s possible you have an infection, you must get tested. If you are keen to learn more about obtaining Home STI kits Greenwich Sexual Health is a good website to check out (, enabling you to find out everything you need to know. The staff at an established website like this will be able to offer help and guidance on Home STI kits.

Being sensible can prevent many STIs, but accidents can happen. Anyone with an STI should stop having sex until it has been treated, and partners may need to be informed so they can seek treatment. Caught early, many STIs respond well to modern medicine, so the key thing is to catch them as soon as possible.


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