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How to rebuild a relationship

Rebuild a relationship
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Love is a universal feeling and a complex mechanism that works differently in each of us. Couples who survive in time are those that have managed to create a link able to cope with the difficulties that appear. Therefore, on the road to a successful relationship must learn to face all the problems that may arise.

Rebuild a relationship

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5 Steps to rebuild a relationship

1 – Apologize: No one can begin to rebuild a relationship of couples without asking forgiveness for what has gone wrong. Want to rebuild a relationship without adopting an attitude of adjustment is a complicated task. To do this, first thing to do is locate the problem, what has led the couple to a rift or anger. Be realistic and honest with the causes of the problem is essential to assume fairly, blame. Once the problem is located, a change of behavior is required, along with a commitment to transparency to move to the beginning of forgiveness.

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2 – Empathize with the other: The next step is to join efforts and apply them to the construction of the new relationship. To do this, we must be able to take the place of the other. Empathize not only allows greater insight into the situation but also helps to understand the other and forgive if necessary. In addition, the restart means to face new conflicts for those who need a deeper understanding of the other person which allows not fall into the same knowledge failures.

3 – Strengthen the links: There are many things that unite two people but sometimes the lack of time that neglect these links, eventually falling into monotony. Therefore, another key to reconciliation is to strengthen the links of the couple, remember what unites and encourage all those practices that bring to each other. Share hobbies as cinema, theater or sport, not just be an excuse to spend more time together, will also be a way to find points of unity and issues that could speak in the day.

4 – Communicate: Another key element in a relationship is communication. Currently, most of the problems that occur in a relationship arise precisely from poor communication: a communication in which no longer said anything or shared.

At the beginning of any relationship, communication is vital to meet and decide whether to take a chance. At the time of reconciliation, communication is again of vital importance since it will connect those two people who, somehow, had ceased to be understood. It is important that the two people back to be able to express their feelings, thoughts and vision of the world through words and gestures, while they put all their interest in knowing the feelings and thoughts of others, making an effort to understand it.

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5 – Forgiving: Apologizing is a difficult task but so is forgiveness. In this context we must differentiate between forgive and forget. The first involves an act of the brain and the latter requires an act of the heart. If you forget but cannot forgive, the possibility that resentment at that committed error in the future is clear. Normally, in a discussion or the emergence of new problems it tends to remember those things that the other person had failed, and which were supposedly forgotten.

So forgive, that is, to understand the other person, take care of their error and give the opportunity to redeem will be the last step to rebuilding the relationship possible.

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