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How to make Gin.

With the increase in duty, VAT and alcohol tax all on the cards, it might be time to think about making Gin. At the moment, there is no need as there is plenty in the UK at the present time. Most Gin sits in a Bonded warehouse waiting to be released onto the market. Alcohol is subject to certain taxes and duties, so it is best to rely on some Bonded Warehouse Management Software to protect it until it is time to put it on the shelves.

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If you are going to make your own Gin for sale abroad, it might have to go into one of these warehouses, and Gaina Bonded Warehouse Management Software has the best system for its management. Here are a few things that you will need and will need to know.

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  1. You will need a base alcohol. Most people use Vodka, but there are some tasteless alcohol substitutes.
  2. Juniper berries. One of the most essential ingredients. Without these bitter berries, the Gin won’t have any bite.
  3. Cardamon Pods. Gins are all about botanicals. Add this and some rose petals for a subtle and not so subtle flavour enhancement.
  4. Use some coriander for fragrance and the old standby of Lemon peel.

All you have to do is bash and bruise the juniper and cardamon pod than and everything to the Vodka. It’s then left for 24 hours or longer if you want a more pungent taste. The mixture is then filtered into a new bottle. Coffee papers and a sieve will do the job.

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