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How to have a lucky wedding day

Whilst you hope everything will go smoothly on your wedding day, if you believe in luck, you might want to ensure you receive a little extra on the big day itself. Here are some traditions from around the world that are thought to increase the chances of having a successful and happy marriage:

The Date

In China, the luck stems from the date chosen for the wedding. Picking the wrong date is a recipe for future disaster! When couples decide on a date, they do so only after having consulted with a monk, a calendar or a fortune teller. The date must be auspicious for the couple, based on the bride’s birthday and it’s important to find out which dates and seasons to avoid completely or you’ll suffer from bad luck. Remember to check available dates with your Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester as soon as you’ve picked one. A venue like

Make it Rain

Alanis Morrisette may have found rain on your wedding day to be ‘ironic’ but for the people of India, it comes as a blessing. Hindu tradition states that when rain falls on a wedding day, it is a strong sign of good luck. Weddings in India are infamous for being bright and joyful occasions whether it rains or not. Leaving nothing to chance though, guests also throw flowers and rose petals at the happy couple to bring them a lifetime of good luck. So, if it rains on your special day, try to look at it in a positive light.

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Tie-Slashing (but in a good way)

When we think of ties being cut, we normally picture an angry ex destroying a partner’s wardrobe contents, but in Spain it means something far more positive. After the ceremony, the groom’s tie is cut up into little pieces and an auction is held among his friends. The tie is said to bring good luck to all those who bid for a piece. The same is often done with the bride’s garter and her friends.

The Iconic Horseshoe

Despite a reputation for an abundance of luck, Irish brides take no chances and include a little horseshoe in their wedding outfit. It can be in the clothing or on the bouquet. As long as the horseshoe remains with the U shape facing up, she’ll stay lucky.

Incy Wincy

English brides look to strange things to supply their luck. If a bride finds a spider crawling on her wedding dress, the couple are set for a life of success and bountiful luck. Although it probably won’t feel like it at the time! You might want to keep this knowledge to yourself though, in case anyone decides a prank is in order!

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Seeing Red

In Vietnam, nobody would dream of having a white wedding. Here, the colour of luck is red and is the colour of choice for both wedding dresses and décor. Such is the connection to the colour, that the groom’s family visit the bride’s family with gifts of fruit, cake and wine all wrapped in red and served on, yes, you guessed it – red plates!

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