How to Ease Your Toddler into a Stable, Soothing Sleep Routine

During the daytime, your toddler is a livewire of rambunctious energy that makes you question whether you should let them loose in the backyard to run off some steam. And during the night, you want the opposite—a sweet and tired tot that drifts off to dreamland without issue or complaint. While the latter would be nice, it rarely happens.

The question this article strives to answer is, “how should you ease your toddler into a soothing sleep routine? One that they can carry with them throughout their childhood?”

Begin Your Routine with a Relaxing Bath of Lavender-Scented Wash and Soothing Bubbles

Lavender has been proven to help relax the mind and soothe the muscles, making it easier for children to unwind and go to sleep. Toddlers are super energetic and often face an issue with calming down enough to doze off peacefully. This is where a lavender-scented bubble bath would help.

Make Rocking and Cuddling a Nighttime Bedtime Habit

Rocking and cuddling are two things that you should be incorporating into your tot’s bedtime routine as soon as they’re born. When you establish a habit early, especially when movement is involved, kids come to expect it as part o their nighttime schedule.

Tip: If your toddler prefers more active movements to tire themselves out before bedtime, invest in a kids door swing. They can bounce and sway until they feel drowsy enough to drift off.

Warm a Toddler Blanket in the Dryer for a Few Minutes Before Bedtime

Who doesn’t love blankets and sheets that are warmed in the dryer? There’s something comforting about it. You can bet if you love having a warmed blanket, your toddler will too. Set their favorite blanket on low heat in the dryer for 5-10 minutes, then swaddle them in warmth to send them off to dreams.

Don’t Pick an Overly Bright Nightlight

Nightlights are great for combating those nighttime fears but too much light will keep a brain awake. Pick a nightlight that glows instead of shines.

Tip: You could also sleep train your toddler to sleep without a nightlight. If a tot feels comfortable in the dark, they’ll never fear the boogieman.

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