How to clean your TV screen

Most modern HDTVs are expensive and fragile and have special coatings that can be ruined by strong products. It is important not to spoil them when cleaning. Many new TVs come with a special soft cloth to clean the screen, like those for glasses and sunglasses.

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Here is some advice from manufacturers, but be sure to double-check with your owner’s manual.


The front of the display panel needs gentle wiping with a cleaning cloth or lint-free soft cloth. If the dust is thick, soak one in diluted liquid dish soap (1 part soap to 100 parts water), and then wring it out. Wipe the surface, then use a similar dry cloth. Don’t mark the display panel with fingernails or hard objects, and avoid contact with volatile insect sprays, thinner and solvents.


Wipe carefully with a dry cloth to prevent scratching. To avoid electric shock, don’t spray liquids directly on the TV and shun alcohol, thinners and benzene.

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Wipe the exterior and screen carefully using either the cloth provided or a soft one dampened with a small amount of water. Do not spray water or liquid onto the television as this may cause electric shock or fire. Do not use benzene, thinners or cleaning agents.


Wipe the LCD screen gently using a soft cloth. Stubborn marks may be removed with a cloth moistened with mild soap and warm water. Never spray liquids directly on to the TV.


Gently wipe the TV screen using a dry, soft cloth; a hard cloth could cause damage. Avoid alcohol, thinner, acidic, benzene or alkaline solutions and abrasive cleaners.

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Screen cleaners

Avoid Windex as it contains ammonia and alcohol. The best cleaners will be free of these solutions. A large number of companies make HDTV cleaners; most are about 99 per cent water. They are cheap and adequate for the job, and they come with a micro-fibre cloth. You can also use the cloth for your laptop, tablet and mobile phone screens. For more guidance on cleaning, see

The best advice is to get a micro-fibre cloth if one is not already provided by your manufacturer. Use just water, or for stuck-on dirt, try one part dish soap per 100 parts of water.

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