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How can pneumatic conveying improve safety in your workplace?

Pneumatic conveying systems are an efficient way of moving bulk dry materials and improving health and safety standards by eliminating some of the common issues that arise in industrial environments. These include repetitive strain injuries and exposure to dust, making the environment a safer and more pleasurable place in which to work.

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The benefits of pneumatic conveying

These conveying systems quickly and gently transport large quantities of materials using vacuums and positive pressure. They comprise five simple bits of equipment: a pickup point, convey tubing, a vacuum receiver, a vacuum producer and a control module.

They are fully-enclosed systems, protecting the materials from dirt, waste and air and preventing respiratory problems in the workforce, as the products cannot escape into the air.

Reduction in dust

Pneumatic conveying systems are configured to meet the specific needs of an individual process and elements can be added to reduce the amount of product that is lost in the process, such as sack tip equipment from companies such as

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Around half the dust that is released into the air by open systems can be so small that it is not visible to the naked eye. This can stay in the air for weeks.

When these systems are incorporated into facilities run by glass and ceramic manufacturers, for instance, one of the biggest improvements they see is the elimination of dust and the problems this causes to workers. In the UK, around 14,000 people each year present with breathing and lung problems that they believe have been caused, or made worse, by their occupation.

Reducing manual handling

Another benefit of implementing a pneumatic conveying system is the reduction in the amount of manual handling required, which dramatically cuts the risk potential for workers. Some of the most frequent injuries seen in industrial environments are repetitive strains caused by the repeated lifting of heavy items.

There is less of a requirement for goods to be manually moved and lifted with a conveying system, as the materials are automatically transferred from one point to another; in addition, systems such as sack tip equipment can be integrated, which also boosts productivity.

These systems have now become the standard in many industrial environments, making advances in safety standards and increasing the overall efficiency of the site.

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