Why Students and Athletes are Abusing the So-Called ‘Smart Drugs’ to Stay Ahead

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Let’s be bold: SMART DRUGS MAKE YOU SMART. How is that for an opening? I bet there is some student out there cramming for midterms focusing in on the bolded statement giving zero regard to the rest of the article. Sorry for the distraction…

There is this common perception that these so called smart drugs: Adderall, Ritalin, and newly appointed Nootropics, make you smarter. In my opinion this is neither true nor false. The usage of these smart drugs is solely based on the consumer’s purpose with them. Smart drug consumers are categorized as educational and recreational users.

For the sake of mentioning it, this article is focused in on the prescription side of smart drugs, as well as the gaining popularity over-the-counter ones, called Nootropics. Nootropics also referred to as smart drugs, are substances that enhance cognitive function without major tolerance issues or side affects. Nootropics are cognitive enhancers, to be short, but the main focus for this article is prescription smart drugs. I just wanted the reader to be aware of Nootropics as a legal over-the-counter supplement.

Smart Drugs

Increase Use

The use of smart drugs in the classroom is spreading like wildfire. When taking a class you will hear whispers about the one student who has a prescription for Adderall or Ritalin offering to give some to the cute girl or sell it. The actions of these students spread the usage to others who will continue the chain of smart drug users. The real question is how did this normal and unsuspecting user of smart drugs come to obtain these miracle pills?

The answer is quite simple in most cases, they lie. The ever-so growing trend of informing your doctor of false symptoms to obtain prescription smart drugs is why the topic of smart drugs even exists. It is not difficult to tell your doctor that you cannot focus in class and it is hurting my grades. The doctor will then ask a few questions and have you take an exam to see if you are truly deserving of the golden ticket prescription for these drugs. This is why prescription holders of these smart drugs see nothing but the green arrow pointing up.

Intelligence from a Pill

In order to make a claim that taking a pill of any kind makes you smarter is absolutely absurd. You may as well try to raise the dead while you’re at it. It is simply just a false claim. However, smart drugs will give you an added benefited of increased desire to read, learn, and process the information most students typically try to cram the day before a final exam. In other words, these smart drugs will give you “tunnel vision” to stay focused with studying into the late night hours. Students require all of these skills in order to excel in the classroom. This is where the benefit of having a prescription to Adderall or Ritalin will truly set you apart from the average student. It will not set you apart from the students that actually enjoy the learning process, but it will give you the edge over the students there in order to get that degree and leave. Smart drugs give the struggling student an opportunity to reach their optimal level of comprehension in the classroom.

Outside Classroom Productivity

Go to ESPN.com and search Adderall…

The recreational users of these smart drugs are well aware of the potential benefits that come from using these substances. For the sake of this article let’s focus in on the athlete as a recreational user. Smart drugs benefit athletes in their sport just as much as they benefit a student in the classroom. The consumption of a smart drug in any sport gives an advantage to the athlete.

Scenario A: An energized tennis player serving for the US Open championship zoned in because they took a smart drug.

Scenario B: The winded and non-alert tennis player who lacked the edge to see the serve go past them and lose the US Open

Who would you rather be?

Smart drugs are stimulants. They heighten your every move to give you the optimal “you” to excel at your sport.

Two Thumbs Up

Adderall, Ritalin, and the aforementioned Nootropics all receive the stamp of approval. These prescription smart drugs enable the struggling student to excel in the classroom and the athlete to fully zero in on that 100 mile an hour heater. Smart drugs will continue to be an overly abundant source to just get by in school. The fear in my opinion is that smart drugs are such a short-term solution to the underlying problems that these users will become overly dependent like any other drug while never actually curing the reasoning for the necessity of the smart drugs.

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