Immune Defenses
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Weak Immune Defenses? 10 Tips To Help You Naturally

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There are periods of the year when the immune defenses are lowered, increasing the possibility of contracting seasonal illnesses. When the temperatures drop in autumn and winter, it is easier to take cold shocks when you are slightly sweaty, or suffer from thermal changes between the inside of the heated buildings and the lower room temperature even by 20 degrees.

In addition to the possibility of taking immunostimulants to increase the immune system, there are also 10 rules and exercises to strengthen the immune system in a natural way …

 Immune Defenses
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1) OVERWEIGHT: Overweight and obesity interfere with the balance of the immune system because it makes cells less reactive. Therefore the caloric restriction (in cases of overweight) is a defense against the weakening of the immune system and the onset of autoimmune diseases.

2) SUGARS: Simple sugars annoy the immune system; quantities not exaggerated, about 75 grams a day, prevent the immune cells from absorbing vitamin C. Therefore it would be advisable to limit the intake of glucose, sucrose and fructose.

3) PROTEINS: The same goes for proteins; a moderate reduction in protein consumption would increase the immune response, obviously a depressive effect on the immune system is obtained if a completely protein-free diet is followed.

4) OMEGA 3: It is healthy to limit the consumption of cholesterol and triglycerides, while it is useful to increase the consumption of polyunsaturated fats, commonly known as omega 6 and omega 3, which all cover cells in the body and are therefore essential for their functioning and for of the immune system.

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5) VITAMINS: Vitamins are important for the functioning of our body and in particular, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin E play an important role in helping the immune system.

6) MINERALS: Minerals are also involved in the functioning of the immune system, especially two of them, selenium and zinc.

7) PHYTOTHERAPY: The power of plants in strengthening the immune system for the purpose of strengthening the immune system, the most suitable and safe plants are eleutherococcus and propolis.

8) PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Several studies have correlated a moderate physical activity with a valid stimulation of the immune system, to the point that an active person, compared to a sedentary has a more resistant physique (macrophages and lymphocytes better).

9) STRESS: Scientific studies have shown that a good ability to manage stress generates a positive reflex on the immune system and on health. Today it is a certain clinical fact that sleep deprivation, even in modest quantities, weakens the immune system.

10) THERMAL SPRINGS: Avoid thermal changes. In summer, it is advisable to keep the air conditioner at a temperature that is not too low compared to the outside temperature; in other seasons it is advisable to dress in “layers” in order to avoid sweating.

If you are often subject to seasonal ills and you want to further increase your immune system, excellent vegetable immunostimulants are available which, in addition to these 10 healthy rules, can help you stay healthy.

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