Thought can cure health

Thought can cure any, even the most serious illness

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As Peter Dynov used the human mind as a healing power. Every word carries its vibration, and vibrations can change our lives.

It’s another matter when we say that we are “terribly” good or “scary” pleasantly or simply, that we are very happy. Words with a negative value can not carry a positive charge. It is also important to understand that “good” does not mean “good”, but “I do not want to be sick” is not equal to “I want to be healthy”.

If for a moment we imagine that the universe is like a deaf waiter who hears only the main words of the sentence – nouns and verbs, but misses the particle “no”, because they does not take any action. Then we can feel the difference.

According to Pyotr Dynov, the disease is treated with thought. Thought can displace any disease from the human body. It is capable of changing the vibrations of the human body.

When a person is sick, these vibrations decrease, but with their thought they can turn them from the lower to the higher. If we know the laws that govern our thoughts, then every person could cope with their ailments and illnesses. There is no such a disease that our thought could not cope with. If we focus our attention on a certain point of our body, where there is a disease at the moment, then we can get rid of it only with the help of our thought.

The rock could melt away from the energy that comes from the human brain. If a person knows how to accurately concentrate their thought energy!

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Thought can cure healthThought can melt all sorrows and diseases

The stronger and more purposeful the idea, the more quickly and better you can cure some diseases. It’s enough just to say some words. And there are words that act like magic to people. But they need to know when and where to use them.

You can send your positive thoughts to someone close to you with absolute faith without hesitation and doubt that they will recover.

Thus, in order to be healthy, one must send to oneself vital energy. Your body will take your thoughts and desires, and you will feel much better and healthier. And when your will participates, you can heal yourself!

With the participation of your will, you can spend hours on the cold in thin clothes and you will not be cold, and you will not catch cold.

Man with the help of their thought can make a warm magnetic cloth that will keep their heat even in the coldest cold. Without such “clothes”, without the participation of your will, a person becomes cold and necessarily catch cold.

When you get sick, do not rush to call a doctor. Try to apply the method of thought and will!

Concentrate your thoughts on pain

And tell yourself a few times: “I will definitely get well!”. If necessary, repeat this ten times. Whenever you say these words, do not be discouraged. Be persistent and persistent. And you will get excellent results.

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