Caring for your eyes
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Caring for your eyes: 5 tips to keep a good view

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For those who are lucky enough to enjoy the sense of sight, eyes are our first window to the world, and although it is clear that with age decreases performance, there are ways to keep a good eye for longer.

Therefore, I have prepared a list of five recommendations to help you take care of your eyes.

Caring for your eyes
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1) Do not abuse your view

Are you one of those who read in the gloom? Can you stand in front of a computer screen or television for hours? If you do not want to abuse your view, you should always ensure proper lighting when you’re reading. And if you are spending long hours in front of a screen, remember to rest your eyes every half hour. Look to the horizon thirty seconds is enough for the necessary rest.

2) Consult an ophthalmologist

Even if you have not identified any problem with your eyesight, you should go to ophthalmology clinic to prevent vision problems regularly. Specifically, before 40 is advisable to go every 10 years, then every 5 to 55 years, every three years until age 65 and every 2 years thereafter. If you have a family history of eye – related problems (glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment), frequency of consultation you should be older (ask your doctor).

3) Use sunglasses

We are fortunate to enjoy many hours of sun, but UV rays, as useful for the assimilation of vitamin D by the body, can be a danger to our eyes. It is therefore important to wear sunglasses, even in winter. But not just any pair of glasses when you search makes sure you have a good UV filter.

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4) Have a good diet

For overall health it is important to eat well. In the case of sight, helping is ingesting a sufficient amount of vitamins A, C and E, and other specific nutrients. Carrot, for example, is a good source of vitamin A. If you have a varied diet and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, do not worry, you will surely have the necessary input to take care of your sight. And if you have a varied diet, you should correct it, because it has many risks for your health, not just for your view.

5) Stop smoking

If all the arguments you’ve heard so far to quit yet have convinced you, you know that smoking also increases the risk of developing certain eye diseases, so do not hesitate and leave the snuff.

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