Where are all the bungalows?

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Have you ever noticed that nobody seems to be building bungalows anymore? You might think that there isn’t demand for them anymore, but you’d be wrong. Bungalows are very sought after. In fact, there are some estate agents who deal with only bungalows. If you want your own bungalow, consider Construction Companies Manchester like Piggott and Whitfield

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The problem might be that bungalows are associated with older people and nobody thinks of them as a great family home. Having no stairs is a benefit for those with limited mobility and this is why they have traditionally been so popular with older people who can enjoy their independence for longer.

Yet with an ageing population, there aren’t enough single storey buildings being built anymore. In 1986 there were 26,000 bungalows built but by 2017 that number had reduced to just 2,600. One of the reasons why developers are less keen to construct bungalows is probably because land is at such a premium that a single storey building does not represent good enough profitability. Bungalows can also be more expensive to construct due to needing a larger floor size, so the roofing and foundations need to be bigger.

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There is one group who do seem to bucking the trend and building bungalows. Self builders are on average 51 years old and to future proof their self build, they are building more single storey structures of all the developers. So, while these might cost more, they are still an attractive prospect for older self-builders who are thinking about future independent living.

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