What to take with you to University

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When you go to University, there are many things to consider taking with you. Sadly, or not in some cases, you can’t take your Mum and Dad with you or a team of friends to give you advice. So here are a few things to remember before you set off out into the big wide world. At least if you are looking for Student Accommodation Cheltenham visit your perfect pad can get you the place you need.

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The first thing that you will want to take is a lot of food, preferably tinned and dried goods. Get used to this kind of stuff when you are not able to afford the refectory prices. You’ll also want a microwave unless one is provided in a communal area. You might also wish to get a mini-fridge for items that you don’t want someone to “accidentally” use.

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Next is a TV. This will solve lots of arguments later about what everyone is watching. Don’t forget to get a TV Licence. The building should have one, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It might be an idea to load up on stationery and paper before you go. A quick trip to a large retailer is a wise move. Remember, you can never have too many pens.

Finally, pack plenty of underwear and clothes. You can always use the laundrette or come home to use your parents, but if you can avoid it, why not try and take a couple of months worth.

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