Tips for buying that perfect second-hand campervan

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The vast majority of campervan owners purchase second-hand vehicles. Although choosing second-hand cars has become simpler, buying a second-hand campervan is another challenge altogether. Special attention must be paid to ensure that you drive away with a vehicle that suits your holiday lifestyle and runs well.

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Campervan trips across the UK have risen to 12 million in the last six months, so it’s an ideal time to find your perfect motorhome.

Like cars, a second-hand campervan is much cheaper than a new one, and is perfect for first-time buyers. Read through these tips to help you find that perfect second-hand campervan for your motorhoming needs!

1.      Do your homework

Look out for campervans in classified ads both in magazines and websites such as Welsh Coast Campers, to gauge the price and types of vehicle available. Create a shortlist of models and makes that catch your eye, and research each on the internet to find any faults or issues.

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2.      Stick to a budget

As you have models and makes of vehicle in mind, you should have an idea of price. Use this as a guide to setting your budget, remembering that there are also running costs to bear in mind. Ensure you factor in expenses such as motorhome insurance, recovery, regular servicing, fuel economy and, if applicable, storage costs. Make sure that you can afford the vehicle itself, as well as the costs of running and maintaining it.

3.      Layout

Be prepared to be flexible on the layout of the campervan that you plan to purchase. Just like buying a house, focus on the necessities, with desirable attributes further down the priorities list. Companies such as Welsh Coast Campers specialise in designing bespoke campervans to create your dream layout.

4.      Book test drives

Book ahead with dealers and spend a weekend testing out the campervans on your shortlist. Make sure that you choose a route with a steep hill, a dual carriageway and a section of town centre to get a taste of the real driving conditions that you will encounter, and ensure you spend long enough driving to get an awareness of the vehicle. Try to park the campervan and also test a hill start to ensure that the clutch works properly. Also make sure the radio works and can be heard by passengers in the back.

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