Things to think about with an outdoor wedding

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Have you always dreamed of a wedding outdoors? Well, marrying in England unfortunately means you can’t officially wed in the great outdoors as you need to be under a fixed roof by law. This only needs to be a veranda though or even a beach hut, so your dreams don’t have to die just yet! Here are some important things to consider when planning your outdoor celebrations:

The Weather

Ideally, you’ll be looking at staging an outdoor type wedding in the Spring or Summer. Autumn is possible but be prepared for chilly mornings and when the sun sets. Summer is definitely the best option, but you’ll still need a contingency plan for those sudden summery showers. You will want the option of shelter, even if it’s just from the blaring sunshine! A marquee is the perfect option, from a company that specialises in Marquee Hire Kent.  Local company provide marquee hire in Kent.

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The Invitations

You’ll want to inform your guests that your ceremony or celebrations will be taking place in an outdoor setting. The last thing you want is for people to arrive unprepared and to be cold or uncomfortable. You might even want to suggest accessorising with wraps, cardigans and possibly even wellies depending on your location!

Ditch the tradition

If you’ve always fancied a wedding with a difference, then an outdoor affair provides the perfect opportunity to tread a different path. Forget the traditional 3-course meal and opt for a casual buffet, a hog roast or even a posh afternoon tea. This will also save you money, whether you’re doing the catering yourself or hiring outside caterers.

You also have the choice to retain the traditional seating plan or decide to freestyle, depending on how formal an affair you’re seeking. The beauty of an outdoor wedding is that you can truly tailor it to your own requirements.

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Why stop at one?

Why have one marquee when you could afford two with the money you’ll be saving? You’ll have loads of space – one for dining and one for dancing or chilling out. Furnished with bean bags and cushions, this also provides a great resting space for children.

I’ve got the power

Remember that if you’re hiring a marquee or two, you’ll need a reliable generator to power the lighting, heating and sound system. Your marquee hire company should be able to advise you on this. Think about lighting needs outside too, as guests will need to return to their cars or accommodation.


Don’t forget that you might need to hire some outdoor toilet facilities, depending on your location.


Think about having some cheap umbrellas to hand for your guests in case the weather really does let you down.


Before staging your great event, check if there are any restrictions in the area you want to have your outdoor wedding. Is there a cut off time for playing music? Are there parking restrictions or any access issues? Do your research as you don’t want to find these out on the day itself!

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