The Resurgence and Benefits of Using Natural Building Materials

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Using wood for building purposes is something that has long been done in the UK and all over the world. It is a fantastic construction material and as far back as medieval times has been the first choice for people building homes.

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As technology and science progressed, buildings then started to become made from many other things – stone and brick, and more recently metal and glass have all been the main materials used in more modern buildings.

Although many of the modern materials are great for building, in more recent years, the modern look of steel and glass has started to fall out of fashion, and people are once again turning to more natural building materials for a more pleasing appearance.

A great example of this is the popularity of these Timberpride oak framed garages. Many people are starting to opt for these more natural and traditional building materials once again. As well as the overall look of the building, there is also another good reason for this – they are easier to recycle.

A natural material is going to be much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than a man-made material. Wood and stone can both be easily recycled and re-used, with little or no damage to the environment.

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Of course, when building with wood it is important to make sure that forests and woodlands are maintained and managed well, to prevent deforestation and habitat loss, so it is important to check where the wood is sourced from. But overall, using these materials is a good step in the right direction in the fight against climate change.

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