The miracle spray that can clean just about anything

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A cleaning product that can be easily prepared at home has been causing a stir on Facebook due to its fantastic results. This simple cleaning solution can have a huge effect on the dirtiest of surfaces.

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The story originated in Victoria, Australia after a woman decided to experiment with washing soda for cleaning and found an old packet with the ingredients recorded on the back. When she put the five components together the resulting mixture was brilliant at cleaning.

She shared the all-natural cleaning solution and some of the results she’d had on Facebook and the popularity soared from there as others have discovered just how well it cleans.


This all-round cleaner can be made at home and uses just five ingredients that many will already have. Simply mix 3 teaspoons of washing soda with a cup of boiling water and once it has dissolved add 300ml of vinegar, 60ml washing up liquid, 25ml eucalyptus oil and the remainder of 1.5 litres of water. There will be about 2 litres of the cleaning solution but try and put some in a spray bottle for easy application.

It has been heralded as a ‘miracle spray’ by avid users and this DIY cleaning recipe has been tested on a multitude of surfaces and items. The Facebook group it originated on has shared before and after photos for tiles, baths, countertops, greasy pans and vinyl floors.

There have even been some success stories on fabrics, such as a stained sofa, but users may find it advisable to continue using professional carpet cleaners Cheltenham based and surroundings, such as

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Throw away the old products

Many homeowners now swear by the all-natural cleaning spray, praising the cleaning action, allowing them to discard the many chemical laden products they have previously needed.

Concerns are growing over the long term effects of artificial, chemically laden cleaners, as discussed in this article from The Independent. But the required ingredients for this spray should be available to purchase cheaply if not already in the cupboard at home.

This seemingly magic spray has also proven effective on encrusted stove tops, mildewed grouting and cloudy shower screens. Some users recommend leaving the spray on any problem areas for ten minutes and then just wiping the muck away without needing to scrub. A great result!

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