The Benefits of a Second-Hand Commercial Fridge over a New One

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Many commercial catering companies shy away from the idea of buying a used fridge, fearing that it’s a false economy. The old saying that you get what you pay for rattles in the back of your head. What’s more, business items go into the business account or are taken out of the business loan and are less noticeable. However, for many caterers, a used fridge could be the most sensible purchase to make.

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Lower Cost Outlay, Slower Depreciation

Everything costs more brand new, and everything loses a chunk of its value as soon as you take it out of the plastic. Commercial fridges lose 20% to 30% of their value once the first customer plugs them in. The latest fridge will cost more because it’s the latest. As soon as another comes out, it’s last year’s model. So why not take advantage of buying last year’s model this year for a fraction of its true worth?

Dependable and Guaranteed

Modern fridges have reached a pinnacle in energy-efficiency and reliability. This year’s models are often of the exact same quality as last year’s. Durability is also much more dependable. Whether you’re looking at deep freezes, commercial bottle coolers or display fridges, manufacturers know the warranty is key. Most second-hand fridges are still under warranty. Those that aren’t are tested and approved for resale. The dealer will then issue their own warranty once they are satisfied with the condition of the unit.

The Same Range of Choice

Many businesses buy brand new year every year because new products can be used as tax deductions, but that doesn’t mean smaller operators lose out. All last year’s selections are now available this year at suppliers such as

Lower Equipment Insurance Fees

It goes without saying that if you paid half the price for your used fridge as you would have for a brand new model, then your insurance will be lower. This is because the replacement cost would be lower. So when you buy new, it’s really worth asking if it’s worth paying yet more to protect this notion of newness.

Finally, the best argument for buying second-hand is peace of mind. This time next year, whether you bought new or second-hand, the only difference will be in your bank balance.

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