Some Interesting Facts You Might Not Have Known About Leicestershire

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Leicestershire, an old English county that you can find as far back as the Domesday book is rich in heritage and history. Its history has shaped the counties’ identity – here are a few facts about Leicestershire that you may not have known…

The River Soar was Once Pink – When the region was the industrial hub of the textile trade, the River Soar turned pink – the reason for this was the waste that spewed from the textile factories along the river. Nowadays it is back to its full glory, after the environment agency started to clean it up.

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The Market is the Largest Covered Market in Europe – Anyone who has visited Leicester Market will agree that it is a fantastic place to visit. Full of life and produce, perfect for finding a bargain and with foods from all different cultures this is the place to go if you are wanting to cook something a little more exotic and exciting. Even Gary Lineker’s dad once had a fruit and veg stall at the market.

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The Most Traffic Lights in the Country – One of Leicester’s more obscure claims to fame is the fact that it apparently has the most traffic lights in the country! A local driving instructor Market Harborough based is your only hope if you are learning to drive and wanting to get through all those lights!

The English Language as we know it originated in Leicester – Historians believe that the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons made large parts of the English language in Leicester, where  instead of fighting the set their differences aside and started to speak to each other, resulting in many of the words we use today. Experts believe had this not been the case our language would me more like German as we know it today.

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